Joel Lööw

26 January 2019

Our role in SIMS

Together with the outreach team of the SIMS project we’ve put together a short summary of our role in the project, including a few explanatory video interviews.

The videos can be viewed at the project’s work package homepage. Below I’ve included most of the text with some comments.

Summarised in a sentence our work in SIMS is this:

We’re looking at ways in which technology can be developed not only with technical requirements in mind but also on those who will use the technology – today and tomorrow.

This is due to the situation that the... Continue >>

30 December 2018

A new project: STRIM SAFE

A while ago I held a short presentation on a new project of ours: STRIM SAFE (Strategies and Indicators for Mine Safety). I thought I’d summarise some of the main points here.

Magnus Nygren, Jan Johansson and I conduct the project together with our project partners:1

During the last 30 years the mining industry, both nationally and internationally, have seen a significant improvement in number of accidents. Compared to eg the 1980s, the situation in the mining industry is very different.

Specifically, two observations motivate the study. First,... Continue >>

13 October 2018

On influencing designs

Yesterday, I submitted a report for the SIMS project. I thought that some of the reasoning in it could be interesting to post here.

Our role (ie that of Human Work Science at Luleå University of Technology) in the project is to support creating attractive workplaces by deeply interacting with other work packages and influencing their designs. We aim to analyse the technology that the partners of the project develop well as the mining context and work environments in which the technology will be used.

Ensuring attractive workplaces entails working with issues of health, safety and ergonomics – from... Continue >>