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18 August 2019

Updates to the site

On the rare chance that you’ve visited this site a few times, you might have noticed that its design has changed more often than its content. That’s the risk with this being a hobby project and me finding it much more satisfying fiddling around with the design rather than posting stuff.

Now I’m updating the design and the functionality of the site again (and actually posting something—hurray!). The reason is that I might actually have some real use for the site in the near future. I’ve also found a way to manage the site much more easily. More on both these things in later posts.

So far I’ve mostly updated the looks (which still might look wonky on mobile devices). But the following content and features are planned (a big reason for me writing this is so that I will actually remember to do these things):

Planned posts and content:

I have probably forgotten half of the things I had planned (but then I’ll update this post—I think). I have no time span for all this. Most things are quite simple, so hopefully it won’t take too long.

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